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In the animal kingdom it really is survival of the fittest – quickest and most agile. With senses that have evolved over time to allow each animal the best chance of survival – all the creature on this earth have unique abilities that help them hunt, run or hide.

In this case we hone in on two fierce hunters in the battle lands of this big world. We have one that roams and hunts from the sky, the other on land. Both have the ability to quickly hone in on their prey and attack with ease and purpose. So we have pinned them against each other using their primary hunting sense – their sight. Which will come out victorious…the Eagle who can can view from the skies his next kill, or the very stealth tiger who can see and hunt his next meal on land? Let’s look at the stats of these two animals’ eyes and find out who can out see who…


  • Can see clearly about 8x further than most humans
  • Is able to clearly see and focus in on an animal as far as two miles away
  • Has a ‘zoom’ feature built into their eyes that allows them to shift focus automatically and hone in on their prey
  • Can see a wider range of colours than most animals…including humans which allows them to distinguish animals against nature and other camoflouged backdrops
  • They are able to see UV light
  • Daytime vision reigns supreme, but their night time vision isn’t nearly as great


  • These four legged big cats have exceptionally good vision, especially at night
  • While tiger’s have the brightest eyes of any animal – it’s there wide angle vision that has a binocular view very similar to humans’, and the best sight of all carnivores in the animal kingdom
  • Tigers do their best hunting in the dark where their eyesight abilities really benefit them and are nearly 6x better than that of us humans
  • During the day, a Tiger’s vision is quite comparable to that of a humans’ without all the colour and details
  • Their ability to judge distance is exceptional – this allows them to pounce on their unsuspecting prey with precise accuracy

Our pick:

In a direct comparison – we have to make this a tie! While the Eagle is clearly the most accurate of hunters during the daytime with laser focus vision, the Tiger takes the gold for night vision and hunting in the dark! Both have benefits the other does not, but are on equal footing to still be considered the fiercest hunters in the animal kingdom!

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