The Creepiest Eyeball Movie Scenes of 2018

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The eyes are the windows to the soul.  That makes looking into someone’s eyes a sort-of deep connection. The way your eyes look is a powerful form of communication. That can also make them terrifying.

With 2018 quickly coming to an end, we decided we should pay homage to the creepy eye movement on the big screen thus far, this year! Nothing makes a horror flick, mystery film or sci-fi movie next level than seeing some freaky eyes come at you in a larger than life cinematic experience. While there are countless of horror movies with creepy characters…we looked at the eyes specifically when narrowing down our list. Did they make us shutter? Were they dubbed ‘crazy eyes’? Are the hairs on our backs standing every time we think of it? The answer to all…a huge resounding yes!

Hey youngsters! Make sure you get your parents permission before watching these movies as they are Creepy and can cause bad dreams. Unless your old enough. And you think you can handle it. But still let your parents know because you will most certainly wet your bed.

Our top 5 picks for creepiest movie eyeballs in 2018:

Insidious: The Last Key

Creepy Eyed Character: The Key Demon

While this movie will give us nightmares long into 2019 – the Key Demon’s hallowed out eyes are the creepiest. If the artwork of this movie doesn’t give you the chills, the character coming to life will make you feel horrified.


Creepy Eyed Character: Of course, Michael Myers

The true follow up to the first Halloween film released in 1978 – this slasher film had us mesmerized – and not in a romantic way. Michael Myers lifeless eyes behind that creepy AF white mask which is littered with scar like marks will have anyone up at night! Looking into the eyes of that cinematic psychopath is pure horror movie gold gold. See the movie, bring extra underwear.


Creepy Eyed Character: Predator

We love science fiction thrillers – especially the Predator franchise, we just wish we didn’t have flashback visions of the shadowed yellow eyes belonging to the killing machine alien that is Predator. Paired perfectly with the exposed mouth, fangs and reptile-esque skin, this movie once again does the feature character justice in creating a feared and frightening being we certainly wouldn’t want to caught alone with in a back alley – or in outer space.

The Nun

Creepy Eyed Character: Demonic “The Nun” Character

The perfect backdrop for a mystery/thriller movie, creepy old churches, poorly lit dungeon like basements and religious artifacts. The demonic eyes of “The Nun” come to life in this movie to unleash adrenalin in the body like no other. While the pairing of religion and horror movies isn’t something new – the next level glowing yellow eyes with the mouth full of sharp, fang like teeth and the shadowed out face brings us to our knees. We will be praying this character stays on the movie screen!

Day of the Dead: Bloodline

Creepy Eyed Character: Most if not all of the zombies

You might be tired of another zombie movie…but we do admit, Day of the Dead is serving up scary zombie eye ball creepiness like no other. The secret to bringing back dead people in any cinematic thriller? Get the audience jumping in their seats with those yellow tinged, bloodshot, lifeless – spooky eyeballs. Mission accomplished!

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