What Your Eye Colour May Reveal About Your Personality

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With some science backed research, personality traits and eye colour studied by doctors around the globe seems to have some links, commonalities and interesting finds. With our eyes connected directly to the brain hence neural pathways, it is almost too easy to believe there would be some link to the colour of the iris and what’s happening behind those ‘windows to the soul’.


Dark Brown/Black Eyes (rarest of eye colour)

  • With deep dark eyes, individuals with the darkest brown almost black eyes almost never go without being noticed and people often view them as natural born leaders whether they feel it or not
  • Because it is hard to differentiate between the iris and the pupil, those who see people with this kind of eye colour often consider them mysterious or secretive
  • These individuals are light drinkers compared to lighter eyed individuals
  • Better at sports that involve hitting a target (tennis, archery, golf, billards…) due to the increased melanin in the eye, people see these individuals as talented and gifted


Blue Eyes

  • Research done by German psychologist concluded based on their research that children born with blue eyes were seemingly less enthused to try new things and were more closed off around their peers
  • While people with blue eyes might seem timid, weak, less adventurous and untrustworthy but those with blue eyes tend to posses great physical and inner strength – a quiet confidence if you will
  • If you like to drink, research from Georgia State University found individuals with light eyes tend to drink more in order to get drunk compared to those with darker eyes
  • Research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine concluded that women with lighter eyes were found to handle the pain of child birth better than those with darker eyes and along with that, were found to suffered less from postpartum anxiety and depression


Grey Eyes

  • Considered to be a variation of blue eyes, people with light to dark grey eyes have a differing amount of melanin which causes the distinct difference in eye colour
  • People with dark grey eyes are thought of to be either well balanced individuals or exceptionally talented at juggling two sides of their personality
  • Switching gears to showcase different sides of themselves depending on the situation or person they are with comes with positives and negatives depending on their emotional stability
  • Light grey eyed individuals strive to be heard and recognized for their hard work, while they might be seen as overly defensive and constant worriers, truthfully they care a lot about the work they do and the people they love


Hazel Eyes

  • Hard to give a definitive description, Hazel eyes are uniquely different and often appear to change colour depending on light or mood of individuals who have them
  • Given this characteristic trait, people with Hazel eyes are often told from an early age how unique and different they are translating into people who are more independent, spontaneous and confident
  • While the melanin in each hazel eye is different which makes it hard to nail down personality traits associated with these individuals, people with hazel eyes seem to enjoy balance in their life and aren’t phased by new things
  • Downside to this eye colour, research conducted at the University of South Australia has linked hazel eyes to liver imbalance and digestive issues


Brown Eyes

  • With less melanin than those with the darkest brown/black eyes, people are able to easily distinguish the iris from the pupil
  • People tend to consider those with brown eyes as assertive and trustworthy
  • Research from the The Charles University in Prague links people with brown eyes to such character traits as loyal, respectful, gentle – yet not submissive
  • If you have brown eyes and you find yourself grumpy – check your sleep patterns according to a US study published in 2009 revealing brown eyed individuals sleep less and struggle waking up in the morning due to poor sleep cycles


Green Eyes

  • Green eyed individuals seemingly have the best of all worlds, with a balanced amount of melanin that offers characteristic traits of both dark eyes and light eyed individuals
  • Seen as both dominant yet cautious – people with green eyes are perhaps the most alluring of all the eye colours
  • Research done to study the appeal of people via their eye colour found the most common adjective used to describe those with green eyes was ‘sexy’ and of those who indicated they would prefer to change their eye colour, majority chose green as their number one choice
  • Green eyed individuals are also found to be able to work well under pressure, control their anger and are both creative and original
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