The Truth Behind Being Colour Blind

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The Truth Behind Being Colour Blind


How many of us taken for granted our ability everyday to identify and see a  plethora of colours and hues? Taking in a vibrant rainbow, a milky colourful sunset or sunrise, or even clothes shopping…being able to identify a variety of colour is essential to our everyday world.


For some individuals – they live in a very different reality. Being colour blind is different for every person who identifies having it. While those who are colour blind take in the world differently, there are ways to adapt and make life easier. While our curiousity has us finding some interesting facts about being colour blind, we can’t help but appreciate our full colour vision a little bit more than we usually do.


15 interesting facts you never knew about being colour blind…

  1.  More commonly found in men – stats show 1 in 12 males vs the 1 in 200 females are affected by the vision deficiency.

  2. There are three types of colour blindness, the most common is red-green, the other is blue-yellow and the last, complete colour blindness where no colour is detected at all.

  3. Red-green and blue-yellow colour blindness is actually more accurately known as “colour vision deficiency’.

  4. Of those who are diagnosed with being colour blind, 99% of them have red-green colour blindness.

  5. Much like baldness – colour blindness is linked to the mother’s genetics. This hereditary deficiency is passed on the 23rd chromosome which is the X sex chromosome.

  6. If a female is colour blind, it is almost a guarantee any or all of her male born children will be colour blind. On the flip side, if it is the father who is colour blind he will not pass his vision deficiency to his sons.

  7. There are various degrees of colour blind ranging from mild to severe – and it can be as individual as the person with varying abilities to distinguish hues and colours.

  8. Those who have a strong colour blind deficiency might only be able to detect 20 hues of colour apart while a full colour vision person can detect 100+ hues differently.

  9. Individuals are not necessarily born colour blind, for those who are not affected genetically can still become colour blind as a result of eye disease, aging or retina damage.

  10. For those wanting to be a pilot (especially commercial pilot), police officer or fire fighter – it is a requirement to have perfect vision, including colour sight in many countries.

  11. Serving your country in the military might not be an option in some places around the world if you are colour blind, including the USA.

  12. If you live in Romania or Turkey and are colour blind you likely don’t have a driver’s license. Both countries implemented such laws in an attempt to avoid accidents due to the inability of those who are colour blind to properly identify traffic signal lights.

  13. Though very rare, there have been instances of individuals with unilateral dichromacy which occurs when an individual has one normal, full colour identifying eye and one eye that is colour blind.

  14. There is no cure for colour blindness but rather coping mechanisms can be put in place to help individuals decipher colours more easily. For those with red-green colour blindness there are certain lenses they can get that will help them distinguish and see colours more vibrantly.

  15. Many famous faces have gone public with being colour blind including former President of the USA, Bill Clinton. Mike Zuckerberg is reportedly colour blind which largely influenced the branded colour of Facebook, which is blue. Canadian actor Keanu Reeves and funny guy Howie Mandel are both colour blind as well, Prince William – Duke of Cambridge, famous writer Mark Twain, legendary singer Bing Crosby, and English actor Eddie Redmayne.

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