Our Eyes are Truly Facinating

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Our Eyes are Truly Fascinating


The eye is quite a fascinating part of the human body that has evolved over time with fine precision and craft. The windows to our souls some people will say, and long ago in ancient times, they were worshiped as devine symbols of spirituality and wisdom. Because of advances in medicine, technology and more specifically the  field of optometry, we can find out more about our refined eyes now more than we ever could before!

How much do you really know about your eyes? The following facts you may not have known before, but here you go, this is your chance to learn more about what our eyes are really all about. Hope you enjoy!

  • Your eyes are made up of over 2 million different working parts that make them fully functioning as our only way to see and capture the world we live in.


  • The most used muscles in your entire body are actually not the muscles in your arms or your legs, but the muscles that control your eyes…. You would never think.


  • Human corneas, which is the clear outer layer of your eye that protects the eye, is very similar to a shark corneas, so similar that they have been used as a replacement in human eye surgery. Whoa!!!


  • Eyes can process about 36,000 bits of information each hour. A very similar speed to a very good working computer.


  • Our eyes are not very big, or heavy. They are approximately 1 inch in length and weigh about ¼ of an ounce. A golf ball weighs more than our eyeballs.


  • An eye blinks 1,200 times an hour, 28,000 times a day, and a whopping 10,000,000 times in just ONE YEAR!


  • Our eyes can actually tell the difference between over 500 different shades of gray. And you thought there was only one shade of gray!


  • Your pupils change in size in order to allow different amounts of light into the eyes. When it’s dark out, your pupil will widen and become larger in size to try and capture more light and on the flip side, when there is a lot of light, your pupil will be smaller so it can keep some light out.


  • Your eyes always remain the same size once you are born, but your ears and nose will never stop growing.


  • The older we get, the less amount of tears we produce. But remember, it’s always okay to cry.


  • It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open (and we wouldn’t recommend trying it).
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